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If you subscribe (free!) to Daily Science Fiction, you will not only receive my story “Red at the End of the World” in your mailbox for a Halloween treat this October 31. You’ll get a short story every weekday!

And if you don’t want to subscribe (maybe, like me, your email box is already ripe for an episode of Hoarders: The Virtual Edition and you’re trying not to sign up for anything else in the online equivalent of swearing you won’t buy any more lots of Beanie babies on eBay), you can read the story a week later on their website. Will I remind you when it’s up there? Oh yeah. You know I will.


Daily Science Fiction sale

I sold my apocalyptic fairy tale “Red at the End of the World” to Daily Science Fiction this week! I’m very pleased, as this is an odd little tale I love a lot and it’s not the type of thing I usually write. I tend to approach narrative in a traditional way; this story demanded to be written in a very different manner. I’m pleased the editors liked it enough to buy it and of course, I’ll link from this blog (and the “fiction” page) once it’s online.