Happy New Year

News and such coming soon, but for now I just wanted to share this poem that I just ran across, “Lochan” by Kathleen Jamie, which speaks to how I am feeling these days and perhaps how you are too.

Maybe in 2021 I will start to write poems again (which would be for the first time in 15? 20? more? years).

I want to say “Here’s to a better year than 2020,” and yet I can’t help thinking there’s no way to express that that doesn’t sound like a curse.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Brent Cagle

    Hi Lynda! Thanks for sharing that poem. I love it, and I, too am trying to get back into writing poetry and keeping journals/writing notes. That could be one good thing to come out of the pandemic. That, and deciding to retire this coming December, getting off Facebook, and contemplating a possible move to Mexico. Miss being in touch, Love, Brent

    1. Brent! How wonderful to hear from you, and thank you for stopping by! You and Randy are two of the people I do actually miss from FB but I’m also glad to hear you are getting off it… I did love being in touch with some people on there and I miss that aspect but the longer I’m off social media the clearer it is to me how terrible and insidious it is, and how it warps our views of and interactions with the world and with one another. Drop me an email anytime and someday “when all this over” as the poem says, we really must meet in person, either in SC or maybe even in Mexico…. xxxx to you and Randy

  2. A beautiful, gentle poem – just what’s needed, although I can hear the melancholy in it, too. One good thing about lockdown is that the birds of prey here have been thriving – we must take our blessings where we can find them. Best wishes for 2021!

    1. Best wishes to you as well. And I’ve been owing you an email forever. Getting on it! That’s wonderful that the birds have been thriving. There have been some positives however hard they are to find. x

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