other people’s words: 3

For today, something old and something new.

Something old: from the archives of the sadly departed site Infinity Plus, an excerpt from the Conrad Williams novel London Revenant, one of my favorite books from the last few years. At the World Horror Convention in 2010 in Brighton, I was chatting with a couple of guys about the fiction we liked and the conversation took that great passionate turn it does when you realize you have really similar tastes and so there we were, the three of us, raving and gushing over mutually admired writers and one of them asked me if I’d read this book. The name Conrad Williams was familiar to me from TTA Press publications, but I hadn’t read any of his novels, and one of the guys pressed this book on me. I read it when I got back home and adored it–a tale of subterranean London with a difference. But what really sets it apart is that Williams is simply an exquisite writer. I’m pretty sure he could write about the sun passing over the kitchen table and render it compelling.

Something new: more good flash fiction from Daily Science Fiction. This time it’s Caroline M. Yoachim’s dazzling “The Safe Road,” and you know, I really thought I didn’t like flash fiction much at all, but some of the fiction I read on this site is making me reconsider that. I don’t want to tell you too much about the story I’ve linked to; just go read it.

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