other people’s words: 1

I wasn’t able to get the blog post written that I wanted to write last week (it’s still coming!), but here’s something else I’ve been wanting to do. There is so much good stuff to read (and listen to, and watch) online, and I don’t do enough of it and I bet you don’t either. So I’ve been thinking for a while of doing a weekly thing where each Monday I point you to one or two or more things I ran across online over the previous week that particularly impressed me. This also helps to keep my blog from being solely all about memememe. Not that I don’t love the sound of my own voice–all writers must, secretly–but gosh, even I get a little weary of myself sometimes.

It won’t always be new stuff I send you to–but I promise it will all be good. Or at least it will be stuff I think is good.

So, without further ado, here are this week’s online gems. First, two delightful (or delightfully dark, if you will) stories from the archives of Daily Science Fiction by the delightful Cate Gardner. Both of these stories made me go “Ooooh, I wish I’d written that!”:

The Mechanical Heart of Him

Exit Stage Life

And an absolutely stunning and heartbreaking piece by writer Tom Piccirilli, written just before and just after his surgery for brain cancer a couple of months ago (the piece itself is newly posted, though). Gorgeous, affecting, stark, hopeful, and bleak by turns–it doesn’t get any realer than this:

Meeting the Black


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