Anthology Project for Women in Horror month

Breaking radio silence to point to this worthy-looking Kickstarter project. It ends in less than 48 hours, but even if you’re reading this after the funding period has passed (and it looks like they’ll reach their goal, but they’re going to go ahead with the project no matter what), check out their submission guidelines if you’re a writer and think about picking up a copy yourself if you’re a reader.

One thing I like about this project is that they aren’t restricting themselves to women contributors. Instead, they’re asking contributors of any gender to submit (along with their stories) 150-word recommendations of great horror stories by women writers. I appreciate this approach, which raises the profile of women horror writers but doesn’t set us off in our own little playground as though there is some concern about us punching above our weight. That sounds a little harsh; I don’t actually think that is the intention of anyone who produces all-whatever anthologies, and these thoughts are about me and my own ambivalence regarding the “woman writer” moniker, not about the motivations of those who work on such projects. (Would I decline to be included in such a project? Not on that basis alone, no. And, clearly, I make some effort here to write specifically about women writers from time to time. See ambivalence.)

At any rate, Deep Cuts is a project about which I am not ambivalent and I am excited to see how it will shape up over the next few months.


5 thoughts on “Anthology Project for Women in Horror month

    1. Yes, I’ve written about that ambivalence here and elsewhere (including a post I did for Women in Horror month last year on the Black Static blog). I’d be a hypocrite if I said I was completely against the idea given that not only, as I said, I certainly do make the effort sometimes to specifically raise the profile of women writers, but as I’m appearing next year in an anthology with an all-woman lineup (and pleased to be alongside some really terrific women horror writers there!). But, yeah, ultimately I think the boys and the girls should be on the same playing field most of the time, and I think Deep Cuts is taking a really cool approach promoting/reminding people of all the great women horror writers out there without somehow suggesting we need our own little safe space in which to create.

    1. Hi Hannah, Angel Leigh McCoy and E.S. Magill are doing the anthology, so they are the ones to contact–I am sending Angel an email right now letting her know you want to promote this.

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