I always find it kind of annoying when people talk in their blogs about how busy they are (except you who are reading this; I am sure if you do this on your blog you do it in a way that’s utterly charming). It’s not as annoying as “I have thrilling news I can’t share,” but that’s a rant for another day. Anyway, I find it annoying, BUT (does anyone besides me on writing that word hear Pee Wee Herman say to Simone, as they’re sitting in the big dinosaur heads, “Tell me about your big but?” Anyone? Just me? Okay then) I’m about to do that, or at least I am briefly noting that February is shaping up to be a very busy month for me but I’m still trying to keep my blog from falling into total radio silence.

So I wanted to share a couple of cool blogs I’ve found lately:

Got Medieval is a blog of things medieval, especially medieval marginalia. If that made you go “whuh…”, hang on for a moment. You know how when you get bored you doodle little things in the corners of pages? Well, so did the monks and the nuns and the other folks hanging out around medieval manuscripts back in the day. This may be the most charming thing (I know, I used “charming” up in the first paragraph, too, but it’s the best word for what this is) that I learned from studying medieval lit. I know, I know, it’s presentism to make a remark like Gee whiz! They were just like us! but they weren’t, you know, aliens either, and there’s something about the idea of a bored monk doodling round the edges of a sacred illuminated manuscripts that makes them seem a little less of an unknowable cipher to me, at least. I doodle therefore I am human. I’m surprised we don’t find doodles round the edges of ancient cave paintings, although I suppose the lack of portability for cave walls meant that they weren’t getting carried to boring cave person meetings.

Second blog: Come Here to Me! A blog about Dublin history and culture. Frequently updated and just fascinating, particularly if you know and love this city at all. Highly recommended.

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