Cleaning cobwebs

I was going to come in here and make a remark about clearing cobwebs from this poor old blog, but then I wondered whether cobwebs might actually be an appropriate accoutrement for the blog of a horror writer?  And then I thought, god, no, that’s cheesy and sad.

Anyway . . .

There are lots of things I’ve been wanting to write about here, and I’ve been especially remiss given that February is the second year of Women in Horror Recognition Month, dedicated to highlighting the work of women writers, directors, and more in the horror genre. Daily, more links than I can keep up with appear on the Facebook page dedicated to the site, but I wanted to highlight a few here.

Over at Little Miss Zombie, Melissa Helweg has been posting interviews with women horror writers all month.

This month, Peter Tennant, book reviewer for Black Static magazine, has turned his blog, Case Notes, over to women who have been published in Black Static.  I should have something appearing there before the month is over.

And also this month, at his personal blog, Trumpetville, Peter’s been reading and writing about short fiction by women published in Black Static, including my story “These Things We Have Always Known.”

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