Boxing Day Horrors

Actually, this is a very  pleasant and kinda snowy day-after-Christmas. (The snow started last night, the first white Christmas here in over 100 years!) The “horrors” mentioned above just refer to some spooky links I’ve been collecting to share recently.

From Gemma Files, this weird little animated short, The Forbidden Forest

Film critic and writer Anne Billson made her first short film, the creepy Alouette, and posted it here

Someone on my Facebook page (sorry, forgot who!) posted this atmospheric short, The Ten Steps

And I wrote about some of the best horror by women writers that I read (or wanted to read) in 2010 in The Drink Tank 265.  On the non-horrific front, that issue also contains some very good recommendations for the best SF novels of 2010, as well as overviews of comics, art, and more from this waning year.

And with that I’m back to a very lazy December 26 of doing practically nothing at all.

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