in which I am not forthcoming, through no fault of my own

So, I am going to the NASFiC this coming week, the North American Science Fiction convention, as it is just up the road from me in North Carolina. I have two panels there, but I can’t tell you when they are or I’d have to kill you. No, actually, I can’t tell you when they are because there has been a bit of a mix up on the programming schedule, which will presumably be resolved by the time of the convention. I can tell you that I am purportedly talking about characters on real people at some point and talking about evil in books and movies at some other point.

Anyway, I am looking forward to it; it should be a fun little break, and then I hope to spend the remainder of August in a rather frenzied state of overwork.  I say “hope to” because I want to get a lot of writing done, and I also need to drum up some more editing/writing/freelancing work in addition to my current gigs because, well, you know.  Money.

In other news of things I can’t disclose for one reason or another, I had a story acceptance earlier this summer but I don’t think it’s something that’s ready to be announced yet.  I should look into that.

This post lacks a conclusion, doesn’t it?  Or maybe I could get away with calling it “an ambiguous ending.”  If you ask me about it later, I’ll just smile mysteriously and say that I prefer to let my readers decide that sort of thing for themselves.


2 thoughts on “in which I am not forthcoming, through no fault of my own

  1. Hey, I totally missed this post and that makes me grumpy! My friend Jaym went to NaSFic–I hope you ran in to her, as you are both brilliant, amazing and gorgeous ladies.

    Miss you!

    1. Wendy, I actually saw her in the dealer’s room Saturday and recognized her name from yours and Dom’s mentions of the anthology, so I introduced myself as a mutual friend of the awesome Wendy Wagner. We then went on to sing your awesome praises for the next several minutes–in fact I’m surprised an ad hoc fan club didn’t spontaneously form right there in the aisles.

      I miss you too sweetie!

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