alt.fiction podcasts

I have been wanting and meaning to update this site forever but let’s face it: I haven’t had the time and I don’t think I’m going to in the immediate future.  But here is a very cool thing in the meantime.  Alt.fiction, which is a one-day conference on science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature that takes place in the UK (they seem to have so many cool events over there!), recorded some of its events earlier this month for podcasting.  There are currently four up right now and more to come.  I’ve already listened to the conversation between Ramsey Campbell and Stephen Jones and right now I’m listening to the publishing panel.  There’s nothing here I don’t already know but it’s an enjoyable conversation to listen to all the same.  (While I eat a chicken taco for lunch, I feel compelled to add.  Because a little voice in my head which purports to be you, Reader, but which is only me and my oversized sense of guilt is saying “If you have time to listen to a podcast, you have time to write a blog post, don’t you?  Hmmm?”  No, little voice inside my  head!  I am taking a lunch break.)

Go here to listen.

P.S. I have also been watching the World Cup.  Now that I think of it, that could be where my discretionary time is going these days . . .


4 thoughts on “alt.fiction podcasts

  1. Yeah, they are definitely worth listening to, even if they did make me sigh wistfully and wish I had fistfuls of money so I could hop across the pond for every cool event they have.

  2. Nice resource, Lynda–thanks! Looking forward to listening.

    BTW, shouldn’t it be “if you have time to eat a chicken taco, you should have time to discover a cure for polio”? (Wait a minute—there IS a cure for polio. Hey, nice work!)

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