a review. a picture. some links.

I feel like I need to post something here which is not actually All About Me (despite the fact that it’s my blog), but I haven’t really had the time.

So, here are more things about me!

The first review of Black Static #16 says nice things about everyone.  People seem to be receiving their copies in the UK now but thanks to the angry volcano gods I expect mine will be delayed a bit longer.

Here is a link to the creepy illustration from the Polish edition of “The Last Reel.”  Thank you, Ben, for passing it on!  Scroll down to the three little pictures at the bottom.  It’s the first one, of the girl from behind, if you haven’t read the story.  For those who have read the story…people have pointed out to me that 1. they expected a darker room and 2. they expected that if the walls could be seen, they would have more stuff on them.  I agree with both of these points, but I think the picture captures the essence of that moment in the story.  I always enjoy seeing stories I write take on a life of their own in this way once they’re out in the world, whether through illustrations or reviews or what someone tells me about what they saw in the story.  Although I have never felt egregiously misread–which I’m sure is unpleasant–I am not particularly attached to the images inside my head and the ideas behind stories I write.  Actually, that’s not true–I am quite attached to those things, but I don’t feel compelled that others share them with me when they encounter whatever sprang from them.

Okay, here is something which is not all about me.  A couple of years ago, the excellent and mysteriously pseudonymous Arbogast tossed out a compelling challenge known as The One I Might Have Saved.  What horror movie victim really gets you–who would you save if you could?  A few days ago, he resurrected the challenge across a couple of posts.  I’d like to do this at some point when I get a chance but in the meantime, as well as the other contributions, you can check out Derek’s: poor old Brendan Gleeson from 28 Days Later. Yeah, Frank always gets me too.

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